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Best Fishing Hats in 2017 – A Specialty of Fishing Style

Would you like the basic baseball cap or the wide brimmed fishing hat? We have the Best Fishing Hats . Have a look at our review and product listing for the best of the best What does it really take for you to have the best fishing hat? What should you look for when shopping for a fishing hat?

Which type of fishing hat are you really looking for? In this review, these are some of the things that we are going to take into consideration before we look at some of the best fishing hats of 2017.

One thing that you should always have in mind and also which does apply to all the other fishing equipment is that the most expensive fishing hat will not always be the best for you.

The trick is to always spay attention to every detail on the hat.Fishing hats do play a very important role when it comes to keeping you either warm, dry or alternatively, protect you from insects.

The simplicity of the caps can also vary from that of a baseball cap or alternatively, you can go for the traditional wide-brimmed Stetson. Without much ado, let’s have a look at what the best fishing hat really does entail.

What Should You Look For In a Best Fishing Hats?

Though you will always have a variety of fishing hats to choose from, there are some features that will always hold for all of them. These are what determine whether or not one fishing hat will be better than the next.

The Hat Size

Obviously, people do have different head shapes and sizes. Having this in mind, the fishing hats manufacturers have come up with different fishing hats that will be able to be compatible with the different shapes and sizes.The sizing of fly fishing hats for men and women is different.

The hats that are designed for women are sized by the direct measurement of their heads. Simply put, if the head of a female measures 20 inches, then the female head will perfectly fit in a 22 size hat.This quality reach to the best fishing hats in this market.

When it comes to the men on the other hand, the size of the hat is determined by the diameter of the head rather than the circumference.Though you can be able to have the measurements upon taking your gender into consideration, it is always advised that you go for more precise measurements.

For the small sized hats, the measurements are 6 5/8, 6 ¾ and 6 7/8 inches. The medium sized hats on the other hand are available in 7 and 7 1/8 inches. As for the large size, you can get 7 ¼ to 7 3/8. Upon taking the measurements based on this criteria, you can have the best fit both for you and for your kid.

Have a Look At The Size Of The Brim

Some of us normally prefer to have their basic baseball caps as they do their fishing whereas others prefer to go for the traditional hat design.Upon settling for the basic baseball style, then you should always go for the hat that has got a molded and oversized bill.

The main motive of you having such a hat is to aid in protecting your face and neck from the intensity of the sun.Upon going for the traditional design, then a stiff brim should be able to do the trick. This way, the hat will effectively be able to protect both your face and neck.

What About The Chin Strap?

Most of the traditional hat designs will come with a chin strap. You definitely do not want your hat blown off while you are under the hot summer sun hence exposing you to the intense heat.

The best way to always ensure your hat is in place is having an adjustable chin strap on it and an adjustable one would be better.The recommended chin strap designs are normally the leather straps since not only are they durable but they are very comfortable as well.

Go For The Ventilation

One more thing that you should always have in mind when making your hat selection is the nature of the ventilation.

Think of a situation when you are outside in the hot sun, then, the only setback that you’ll have is the intense heat of the sun which will definitely be accompanied by sweating hence discomfort.

If you settle for a hat that has got just the correct level of ventilation, then you’ll be able to provide your head with cool air. Some manufacturers normally have the hats designed with ventilation holes that are in turn able to provide your head with cool air by allowing for both a continuous and free air flow. If you to find best fishing hats these qualities are primary procurement.

Water Resistant Outer Shell

As much as your hat should be able to offer enough ventilation, it should at the same time be waterproof and effectively keep you dry when need be.

The best way to see to it that this is attained is by ensuring your hat is made from a breathable and synthetic material.

The fact that the hat is synthetic will ensure that your head will be kept dry from the falling rain. at the same time, air will be able to reach at the top of your head which eliminates any chances of you overheating.

Fade Resistant

Though some of you may argue that the fading on a fishing hat will not affect your fishing which is entirely true, the material from which the hat is made does matter.Best fishing hats captured all of these figures.

Spending some time out in the rain or under intense sunlight should not leave your hat faded. A dull fabric is definitely not presentable and it’s obviously not what you want to be in when you take that photo after catching your trophy fish.

A Hidden Neck Cape

Even though you may have the best brim on your hat or the widest bill on your baseball hat, these cannot be compared to the effectiveness that you will get upon going for a cap that has a hidden neck cape.

Neck capes are one of the best ways via which you’ll be able to protect the sides of your head, neck and ears from the harsh sun and insects. The best cape on a hat is normally that one that can be rolled and tucked away neatly so that you’ll only be able to use it when need be.

Floatable Hats

This is one more feature that you should not miss out on. Going for a floatable hat will ensure that the hat always stay afloat if you are unlucky to have it fall into the waters.

Types Of Fishing Hats

Having had a look at some of the things you ought to have in mind when shopping for a fishing hat, let’s not look at some of the variants of the same.

Baseball Caps

Though these are the simplest types of fishing hats, they are not always the best choice if you are really into serious angling.As compared to the other fishing hats, the baseball caps are blown off your head more often which’ll definitely expose you to either water or the heat.

on the other hand, if the caps are not blown off, the fact that most of them are made out cotton. This means that the hat will absorb the sweat from your body which can be uncomfortable once they are wet as this fisherman hat will always stay wet.

Traditional Wide-Brimmed Caped Hat 

When you look up fishing hats, you are definitely bound to find more of these in your search. Normally, such a fishing hat comprises a wide brim, a neck cape as well as a chin strap and awesome ventilation.

Though most people assume that these hats are travel hats exclusively, well, they are just as good when it comes to fishing.

Another thing that is worth mentioning I that this is definitely the best choice for you if you are looking for the best fly fishing hats since considering that you are going to spend quite some time in the water, then you’ll need the protection from this hat.

Boney Hat

More often than not, people refer to this hat as a hunting hat. Some of these are made exclusively to satisfy a fisherman’s needs. The wide brim on the hat will shield away the sunlight and owing to the fact that this fisherman hat comes mostly in light colors, they won’t soak up heat which means there is less sweating.

Another thing that is worth mentioning about the hat is that they are made of waterproof synthetic in most cases which is both breathable and lightweight.

“fishing hats range from ordinary baseball caps to the traditional wide-brimmed caps. Considering the nature of fishing you are into you should be able to pick the right cap. Fly fishing hats for instance will not be as efficient when you are angling while on your vessel. Another thing to consider is the nature of material used in the construction of the hat. Ensure that this is durable and comfortable.”

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2017’s Top 10 Best Fishing Hats

Best fishing hats

Now that we’ve seen what we should look for in a fishing hat, let’s not move on to looking at some of the best fishing hats, we have in 2017.These products are mainly prioritized by its quality,using experience,making elements etc .We strongly recommended these products which enriched best fishing hats figures.


Eqoba Men & Women's Outdoor SPF 50+ UV Protection Safari Sun Fishing Hat

Looking for one of the best fishing hats for men and women? Then this is definitely what you should consider. The Eqoba Men & Women's Outdoor Safari Sun Hat comes with SPF 50+ UV Rays and sun protection.

Comes with adjustable chin straps that are made out of lightweight microfiber. With this, you’ll be able to fit the hat comfortably and at the same time not worry about it flying off your head.Comes with breathable cooling mesh vents.

With these, the hat will be able to keep your head as cool as possible and at the same time the outback sun hat will be able to shield your face from the sun and protect you from any harmful UV rays.Owing to the fact that the hat is compact and foldable, it is definitely what you need if you are looking for a convenient travelling hat.


  • Compact and foldable hat which allows you to always have it as you travel
  • The chinstrap is adjustable and made out of lightweight microfiber hence it’s comfortable and up to the task
  • On this fisherman hat are breathable cooling mesh vents that keep your head cool by allowing continuous air flow
  • This product are one of the topmost quality enabled of best fishing hats.


  • The body of the hat may be too large for some; especially the brim; but this depends on the size of your head.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How is the hat out in the wind?

A: The straps are able to hold it in place but it may be blown around if the winds are too strong.

Q: Is it waterproof?

A:No the hat is not waterproof


Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap Camouflage Bucket Mesh Boonie Fishing Hat

 This is one of the best fishing hats in current market because of its quality and customer priorities.It is not in vain that the Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap is one of the best in its class. With a cotton and polyester fabric this fishing hat is comfortable and at the same time durable.

Another thing that is worth mentioning about the comfort is that on this fisherman hat, there is a mesh part that’ll definitely allow for a continuous and smooth airflow.Comes with adjustable drawings; with these, you can have the fishing hat firmly fixed in position especially in the windy days.

The hat is about 0.2 pounds heavy which is just the ideal weight you’ll need on your head when out in the waters. As for the size, this fisherman hat is 7.5 inches on the inside and 13.5 inches on the outside.


  • Made out of polyester and cotton- the incorporation of these two materials render the hat both durable and comfortable
  • Has got a mesh part on it which allows for a continuous air flow.
  • Only 0.2 pounds heavy which is quite light while out in the waters.


  • The depth is quite shallow and when the sun is up high and hot, then you’ll definitely feel the heat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will I be able to adjust the size?

A: Yes, it is possible to make the size adjustments.

Q: Is the hat a kids’ or adults’ hat?

A: The hat is exclusively meant for adults


lethmik Camouflage Hat Summer Fishing Sun Hat

foldable and crushable- for the purpose of portability, the hat is made out of high quality materials that are foldable and crushable. It is worth mentioning that the brim can be worn folded up or down and in different styles without distorting the shape.

With the practical and classic drawstring, you can have the hat held in place even in windy days. It is also worth mentioning that the draw string is easily adjustable for the most comfortable fit.

The hat’s sizing ranges from 22 ¾ to 24 inches which makes it one of the most ideal fishing hats from men and women.The hat is made from polyester fiber cotton and in addition to this, the overall weight is 0.2 libs. With the material and the light weight of the hat, it is both comfortable, lightweight and durable.


  • The hat comes in different sizes that will definitely prove fit for different head sizes.
  • Both foldable and crushable. You’ll be able to fold the hat’s brim both inwards and outwards without distorting the shape.
  • Comes with a drawstring which allows you to hold the hat in place on your head.


  • The only setback of this hat is that you have to do the washing by hand and don’t use a brush on it

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the hat stretch?

A: After some time, due to perspiration, the hat will stretch a little bit.

Q: Is the hat waterproof?

A: This fishing hat is not waterproof though it will dry up in a jiffy once you are under the sun.


Mysuntown Outdoor Protection Sun Hats Classic

Quality is one of the things that should not be overlooked whatsoever on a fishing hat. Considering this, Mysuntown Outdoor Protection Sun Hats Classic Mesh Anti-UV Fishing Hat has been made out of 100% cotton, the mesh material is 85% nylon and 15% spandex.

Owing to the fact that the hat is designed using cotton and a breathable mesh material around the back, you’ll not only be kept cool but you’ll also be able to enjoy maximum comfort.

When it comes to the fit of the hat, it is worth mentioning that it has a draw cord with a high quality chin strap which is able to hold the hat in place and prevent it from falling off.

As for portability, the hat is foldable which means that you don’t have to worry about storing it. Folding it and pocketing it before or after you do your fishing should do the trick.


  • Comes with a high quality draw cord chin strap which is able to hold the hat in place even in strong winds.
  • The hat has a breathable mesh around the back which allows for a smooth and continuous flow of air.
  • This can be the best fishing hat for men and women hence you don’t have to worry about gender compatibility.


  • Though the hat has a comfortable fit, the fact that it is made out of cotton may make it heavier than expected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the hat washable?

A: Yes it is, most preferably by hand

Q: How wide is the brim?

A: About 6cm wide


Ddyoutdoor™ 07-281 Fashion Summer Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Cap

One of the few fishing hats that come with removable flaps. When need be, you can have the flaps on which other than shielding you from the intense heat of the sun will also protect most of your facial features from insects and the water.

Comes with mesh side panels. On these, there are 2 large meshed brass eyelets that boost the ventilation on the hat.

Taking this into consideration, you won’t have to worry about overheating and sweating which can be quite uncomfortable.The material on this hat is nylon. This makes it both durable and lightweight- definitely the best fishing hat for you.


  • With the mesh sided panels on the hat, the ventilation is at its best since you’ll be kept cool and free of any sweat.
  • The fact that the hat is made out of nylon means that it is waterproof hence comfortable, durable and lightweight
  • With the side flaps on the hat, you’ll get the best protection from the sun’s heat as well as insects and the wind.


  • Before you get the hat, ensure that you have the correct measurement since it comes in only one size

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the hat come with a chin strap?

A: Yes it does have a chin strap

Q: What’s the size of the fishing hat?

A: Comes only in one size that’ll fit most people or rather the medium size.


Connectyle Outdoor Mesh Sun Hat Camouflage

The Connectyle Outdoor Mesh Sun Hat Camouflage is a polyester made fisherman hat. Taking this into consideration, it is worth mentioning that the hat is both lightweight and foldable.Comes with an adjustable chin strap- with this, you can be able to hold the hat in place on your head without any worry of it being blown away by the wind.

As for comfort, the hat has got a breathable mesh vent. With this, there will be a continuous air flow hence you’ll be kept comfortable and cool.

The brim is 3” wide- this ensures that your eyes are totally shielded form the intensity of the sun’s heat. as for the sizing, the ha tis able to fit a head circumference ranging from 21.5”-23.0”.


  • Breathable mesh vent- with this, you’ll be kept both cool and comfortable.
  • With the adjustable chin strap on the hat, you can be able to adjust the hat so that it perfectly fits you without being blown off by the wind.
  • Polyester made hat- this makes the hat lightweight and foldable as well.


  • The drawstring is not removable which can be quite distracting if it isn’t a windy day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the bill on the hat soft or stiff?

A: The bill is stiff and seems preshaped by the manufacturer hence you can’t flip it up or pull it down more.

Q: Is the cap wearable by those with large heads?

A: Yes it is, it’s also stretchable.


Home Prefer Outdoor Sun Cap Fishing Hat

The fit and design of a hat will dictate who will get to wear it and who won’t. the design of this hat makes one of the best fishing hats for men and women.

The fabric on the hat has got eyelets which means that you’ll be kept cool as the hat will be able to let out moisture hence you also will not have to worry about the discomfort of sweating.

The fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester. Taking this into consideration, it can be agreed upon that the hat will have a soft and cozy feel and at the same time be lightweight.Comes with an adjustable chin cord for a better fit.

The hat will be able to fit head sizes 21.0”-23.0”; be sure to take your precise measurements for the perfect fit.


  • This fishing hat proves to be the best for both men and women which makes it one of the best in its class.
  • Comes with an adjustable chin cord which allows you to adjust the hat to your desired fit.
  • Has an eyelet fabric that keeps you cool and checks on moisture management.


  • When adjusting the tightening cord, be careful since it may break when not handled properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I pack it is a full suitcase and smushed?

A: Yes you can, just ensure that you don’t fold the brim.

Q: Is the hat wearable by kids?

A: No, it would be too large


Columbia PFG Mesh Ball Cap

At the back of the Columbia PFG Mesh Ball Cap is a mesh. With this, you’ll definitely have better breathability as it allows for a continuous air flow and moisture release.

Owing to the fact that the hat is 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane, you will have the most comfortable fit.

Other than just being comfortable, the hat is lightweight also.One more thing that is worth mentioning about this hat is that it is a flexfit fitted cap. This allows you to be able to adjust the hat so that it will fit you perfectly.


  •  Has got a mesh backing- this allows for better air circulation which’ll keep your head cool.
  • It’s a flexfit fitted cap which ensures that it is able to fit your head perfectly.
  • Has the Omni-shade UPF 30 sun protection that shields you against the sin rays.


  • Though the hat has a sweatband on the inside, using it after a while may make the band feel uncomfortable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will I be able to machine wash this cap?

A: Yes, the hat is machine washable

Q: How is the fit on the cap?

A: Owing to the fact that it has hook and loop closures at the back, I’d say the fit is quite nice.


Fish UV 50+ Protection Outdoor Multifunctional Flap Hat Neck Protection

Truth be told, most of us are looking for a fishing hat that will be able to offer the perfect fit. When it comes to this, then you should definitely try out this hat as it Is meant for both men and women.Comes with an adjustable chin strap that will keep your hat on your head even in the windy days.

All around the fishing hat are azimuth flaps that are designed to keep away the mosquitos.When it comes to breathability, the venting mesh on the hat will ensure that there is always a continuous flow of air.

With this, any chances of you suffering any discomfort from sweat are eliminated.The hat has got a wide brim which is the best way to keep your skin protected from any sunburns.


  • Has got an adjustable chin strap- this is able to keep the hat in place even in windy days.
  • With the wide brim, you have the guarantee of being protected from UV rays that would cause sun burns.
  • Being one of the best fishing hats form men and women, the breathable mesh will ensure that you are kept cool


  • The face mesh comes out easily. It would work better if there was a way to tighten it more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the hat machine washable?

A: No, it will shrink when washed

Q: How comfortable is the hat?

A: I’d say very comfortable due to plenty pf ventilation on it.


Military Camouflage Boonie Bush Fishing Hats

On the Military Camouflage Boonie Bush are 4 Grommet Eyelets that have got mesh Screen. With these on the hat, you’ll be able to keep cool and at the same time not suffer any discomfort from sweat.

The brim is 3” which is able to shield your face from the sunlight. In addition to this, the hat has got a neck flap which will protect the back of the neck from the sun.

When it comes to keeping the hat in place even in the windy conditions, the hat has got a cord lock. The chin strap will be adjustable to your preferred level of comfort.

Made out of a blend of cotton and polyester i.e. 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This not only makes the hat comfortable but it also makes it lightweight which is just what you need on your head while out in the waters.


  • The brim is 3” wide which shields you effectively from UV rays.
  • Comes with a chin strap cord lock that is able to keep the hat in place even in windy days.
  • With the 4 Grommet Eyelets, there will be a continuous air circulation which will ensure your head is kept cool.


  • Beware of the size. The Extra-large for instance I way too small

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What’s the actual extra-large size?

A: 7 3/8

Q: How wide is the brim all round?

A: The brim is 3” wide all round.

Final verdict

Whether you are looking for kayak, salt water, fresh water or the fly fishing hats, you now do know what you need to have in mind for you to get the best.

From the above review and product listing, it can be agreed that it is not always about the price, alternatively, what you should do is to pay attention to every detail on the hat.

Knowing what you need is also important, you may have the wrong hat for the wrong type of fishing which will be obviously disappointing.One more thing that is worth mentioning is the size of the hat. Though you may go for a fishing hat based on gender, taking your measurements is important for the perfect fit.

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