Catch & Release Basics – Infographics

How To Catch & Free A Fish

In fishing catch the desired fish and release it from hook is one of the important steps that should be extra care and attention. Because in absence of or mistake of fishing can be difficult or even boring experience.

Firstly hook selection is one major issue tries to find better one secondly, use hooks very carefully with worms or any other lures that are mixed up hook very smoothly and lures look as lively.

Third and most importantly, release time of hook use scissors or sharp tools to remove hook from fish easily. If hook is buried deeply cut the line and leave the hook in place. In moving water and still water are not same phenomena in moving water use sense very carefully. Never hold the fish with one hand by its lower lip, always support the body with your hand. Keep your hand wet when handling the fish because to minimize the chance of infection of fish.

Considered things:

  • Select hook: Hook is very important element that creates perfect fishing experience. So try to use better hook.
  • Use sharp tools: In Release time of course use sharp tools like knifes or scissors that reduce the fish cramps.
  • Think before done: Most of the case there have any emergence situation can create so before doing every task think first.

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