How To Use Lures – Infographics


A  Lure is very important in fishing. Because of best lure possible to outcome best desired fish especially in fish. In this case one of the main tasks is chose and uses the lure perfectly. There are many kinds of lure in near surroundings but among them find out the best lure for the desired fish is like challenge.

Here most common lure of pond fishing are live bait as tinny worm, jigs, small fish, spinner baits etc. when fishing in clear water choose lures that mimic a fishes erratic actions. Besides choose allure color that is more subtle to mimic natural forage. In dirty water the fish’s sense of sight is hampered by the water conditions. Therefore use bright colored lures like charter use as well as lures that create a lot of sound and vibration.

There is another thing considered very carefully every lures are for everyone or every fish so try to use on analyzing your pond and pond fishes especially select lures size, condition and color depending circumstances.

Considered things:

  • Choose lure: identify lure according to weather condition, pond circumstance and fish figures on this pond.
  • Size of lures: size of lures mainly depended on pond ares, size or figure of those pond fish and availability of lures.
  • Tie: There should be very attentive when tie the lure especially ensure its liveness on during catching time.

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