Small Pond Fishing Tips – Infographics


Fishing is a silent adventure hobby that creates suspense each and every time. For getting this suspense u need not to go the deep sea or river just your local pond give u same type of feeling within your limited work. But you have to know first what is to be done in pond water fishing.

Firstly time is very important, most favorable time is morning or evening when the fish are very active. Secondly your equips are not be so long like river or sea fishing it mainly depends on your pond area and other circumstance.

Thirdly identify the desired place where is the possible place of fish, normally where plants are many under water fish loves to spend time there. Fourth and finally you have to be patient because it is a pond so there have limited fish not expected at very early u can find huge or bigger on.

Considered things:

  • Preferred rod: Avoid rod more than 6 feet.
  • Line: 10 pounds or less in strength reels have an open spool in the front or mount on the bottom.
  • Polarized glasses: Essential for sunny day to determine what type of fish resides on the pond.
  • Time: Avoid hot time like noon or afternoon; morning is the best time for pond fishing.
  • Lure: Use worm, weed less frogs for better output.

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